Landscape Design

Visalia Landscaping Pros can help you turn your gardens and yards into desirable places to lounge during the weekends and pleasant summer evenings. If you need creative inspiration and white-glove modern landscape design services, we are the pros to call. It doesn’t matter how small or large your available space is. Our results are always breathtaking.


The great thing about living in Visalia, CA, is that we enjoy warm, sunny weather most of the year. Take advantage of this by adding a hardscape to your backyard to create a luxurious outdoor living space you can be proud of! The most wanted features in our area include:


Don’t even try to deny it. You love the fresh air and evening sun outside your home. What if you created a great patio or patio area so you can relax and enjoy your yard? Life would be blissful! There are many different ways that we help our clients create a great patio, but before you decide what you want to do, make sure you know the rules and regulations of your home.

Lights (LED)

Another popular way to enhance your backyard is with outdoor lighting. Lighting can be placed anywhere, and your kids can play at night without fear of them being caught in the dark!

We can add expertly designed LED lights to your pools and BBQ areas. This would create a warm glow that makes you feel more comfortable outside in the dark.

Unlike the old-fashioned, expensive utility electricity, our state-of-the-art installations will save your energy so you can save money.

Lights for landscaping


You really can’t do without fencing. Fences come in many styles, styles, and price ranges, but the main issue
is choosing the right fencing for the job. Typically, people use wood fencing because it is practical, easy to
maintain, and inexpensive. But whether you want to splurge on stone and brick or experiment with natural
fencing, you can depend on us to materialize your dreams.

Stone Steps and Stone Walls

If you enjoy a walk through the yard and appreciate some privacy, this is the hardscape option for you! Stone steps and stone walls will help add privacy to your backyard while providing you and your family with a quiet place to rest your feet on a hot day! So why not replace some of your old wooden steps with stunning stone steps? We know just what to do –tell us your plans, and we’ll help you accomplish them.

Wooden decks and Gazebos

If you’re seeking a way to expand your deck or patio space, a patio gazebo or deck gazebo is a great option. A gazebo provides you with additional covered space, all within your existing deck.

Our designs and installations look pretty elegant and can come in a variety of different colors. They can be made out of traditional wood such as cedar.

The floors can be made out of cement or asphalt, and they can be finished in various finishes.


Water Features

Homeowners can decorate their outdoor living spaces with a unique and creative water feature. Features such as waterfalls or other moving water sources sound soothing, but for those without a large backyard, ponds may be an option.


There’s something cool and meditative about the sound of flowing water in any garden, whether it’s intricately tiled or designed for aesthetic appeal.
As a leader in water feature design services in Visalia, CA, we provide advice and support during each stage of fountain development. Whether you are looking for help in your initial fountain designs or require our expertise when it comes to installation, our team has you covered.

With our single-source design fountain design services, you won’t be burdened by excessive mechanical details and can focus on what truly matters. Visalia Landscaping Pros promises a complete, easy, and cost-effective solution with the information provided to our design staff.

Pond Installation

A garden project will not be complete without installing ponds in strategic areas. Ponds are stylish water features that are also popular because of their design flexibility. You have the freedom to choose the size, shape, type of pond that will suit your space.

Our services in Visalia, CA, are centered on ponds, water gardens, and landscape design. We prefer to design and install the landscape surrounding ponds because they are often the focus of any landscape.

If you have in-ground space in your backyard in Visalia, CA, consider outfitting it with a garden water pond to enjoy with your family and friends. Our experts will work with you to create a colorful landscape that will enhance your outdoor living area in Visalia to be so beautiful that you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Stone Wall Landscaping

Landscape Materials for the Yard

These materials will help you make your landscape come alive with beauty and improved function. We offer design agility for these and any other materials you choose.


Bark is the newest landscape material for your yard, but many homeowners are very familiar with it. It can be used to make a delightful variety of furniture and architectural accents. There are so many different designs and sizes of bark available today that it’s hard to choose the one you like best. It may take a little experimenting to find a bark that works well in your yard.


Sand is one of the best garden components to incorporate into your yard. Sand can be a great asset to an area in your yard that receives less direct sunlight than other areas, such as your garden bed or pathway. Sand can help preserve the soft turf in your yard and make your property more appealing to the eye.


Gravel is a popular choice in landscaping because it has a naturally maintained appearance, and you can use it to line walkways, garden beds, patios, and even fountain designs. If you’re using gravel to line a driveway or drive, it’s essential to pick flat and uniform gravel. Gravel comes in various colors and sizes, so you can choose the color that matches your yard’s primary focus.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be an excellent and affordable alternative to grass for your yard. Artificial grasses come in a variety of different styles and patterns. You’ll be able to find grass options for every yard style, whether it is a backyard patio, a front yard, or even to use in the flower beds. A wide variety of colors and designs are available, as well as durable, stain-resistant versions.

Drought Tolerant Lawn Design

If you’re interested in a drought-tolerant yard, one option worth considering is the Visalia Landscaping Pros service. We can help you have a beautiful yard that requires less maintenance and water.

In addition to having the ability to preserve the greenery growing in your yard, we even guide you on growing edible plants so your yard not only looks good, but it’s also more nutritious!

One popular request item is the California Poppy, pictured here. This plant is not only beautiful, but also native to California and known to be resistant to drought. Why not go local and try it out for your own garden?

Drought Tolerant Lawn

Benefits of Improving your Landscape

Gorgeous landscapes bring us back to the basics of living and help us feel better about our lives. Beyond that, a beautiful landscape would improve your property value and the overall beauty of the home.

Increase your Property Value

Landscaping not only creates a beautiful outdoor living space but also improves property values. People are motivated to purchase a property that will result in a larger overall return on their investment. This ultimately results in a higher worth for your home.

Personality and charm

Landscaping in Visalia, CA, is a chance to inject your home with personality and style. An outcome will be a place that gives you peace, inner joy, and limitless satisfaction.

Unique Landscapes

Adding waterfalls, fountains, streams, and aquatic plants create a pleasant ambiance for your garden or landscape. This helps your place stand out from the other homes in the area.

Good for the Environment

A good landscape may take a large investment of time and money, but these outdoor features go beyond aesthetics. The right landscaping saves the bees, attracts beautiful birds, and keeps your home cooler.

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