Lawn Care

Lawn care is the proper maintenance of your yard and other green spaces where trees, shrubs, living plants, and grass grow. Lawn maintenance plays a significant role in improving the aesthetic value and curb appeal of your landscape. Based on science, lawn maintenance has other benefits, such as preventing soil erosion, reducing noise pollution, improving flood control, and creating a cooling effect during warm weather. 

Lawn care practices require professionalism and experience; therefore, hiring the right lawn maintenance company in Visalia, CA, is a great idea. Experienced landscapers will use high-tech equipment to improve their efficiency and save time. 

Avoid the DIY route because you’ll be prone to mistakes that’ll damage your landscape. Professional lawn maintenance will give your visitors a great impression. Below are the key lawn maintenance practices in Visalia, CA.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is the process of cutting down or leveling grass. A landscaper can either use a scythe or mower to level your lawn. 

Proper mowing is an essential practice that’ll keep your lawn attractive and healthy. 

A mower is a costly machine that requires expertise and in-depth knowledge. It’s, therefore, important to opt for professional landscapers because they have the right tools and equipment. 

Below are the benefits of professional lawn mowing.


Lawn Care

Eliminates Pests

Tall weeds and grass are the common habitats for bugs and rodents. Pest infestation plays a vital role in ruining the appearance of your landscape. This is because rodents and other pests will spread various diseases. Proper lawn mowing is an essential practice that’ll help you get rid of pests.

Promotes Healthy Growing

Lawn mowing is an essential practice that’ll improve the health of your grass.

Even Growth

In a lawn, grass grows at different rates depending on various aspects, such as nutrients, type of soil, and water content. Uneven growth of grass is a common lawn problem. Regular mowing ensures that your lawn is uniform, thus improving its aesthetic value.

Keeps grass neat, short, and clean

Proper mowing ensures that you attain a short and neat lawn that’ll improve your home’s value. In addition, professional lawn mowing in Visalia, CA, prevents invasion and involves the elimination of debris.

Weed Removal

Weed removal is the process of eliminating noxious weeds from your lawn. There are different methods of weed removal: mechanical, biological, preventing, and chemical methods.

Landscapers in Visalia, CA will opt for a suitable environmentally-friendly weed control technique.

Weed removal seems like a simple task, but that isn’t the real case. Therefore, avoid the do-it-yourself approach because you’ll have higher odds of damaging your lawn.

Below are the main benefits of weed removal.

Your Lawn will Get Enough Sunlight

Sunlight is an essential component that is essential in improving the health of your lawn. Weeds grow more aggressively, especially when compared to grass or plants.

Weeds will deny your lawn sufficient sunlight by blocking sun rays. Weed control exposes your lawn to direct sunlight.

There's Less Competition for Nutrients and Water

Weeds compete for nutrients and water, thus reducing the health of your lawn. Professional weed control improves your lawn’s nutrient density.

Weeds can camouflage disease and pests

Based on science, weeds can hide signs and symptoms of dangerous diseases and pests that can infest your lawn. In addition, some weeds are parasitic because they compete for nutrients and water.

Weed Removal

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration involves perforating the soil with tiny holes to improve air circulation and water drainage. Well-aerated soil enhances the rate of grassroots penetration.

Lawn aeration plays a significant role in helping roots grow deeply, thus producing a vigorous and healthy lawn. The main objective of proper lawn aeration is to ameliorate soil compaction.

The following are the main benefits of lawn aeration:

Increases nutrient availability

Proper lawn aeration allows nutrients, air, and water to penetrate into the soil. Enriching your soil improves the health of your lawn.

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Alleviates soil compaction

Compacted soil prevents fertilizer, manure, air, and water from reaching the lawn’s root system. This can contribute to lawn thinning, patches, and dead spots. Aeration reduces soil density, thus relieving compaction.

Reduces puddling and water runoff

Lawn aeration reduces puddling and water runoff because it improves drainage.

Builds a thicker and healthy lawn

Proper lawn aeration stimulates root growth and development.


Mulching is the process of covering the soil with either compost, green manure, sawdust, or paper. There are numerous benefits of mulching, such as:

– Retain soil moisture due to reduced rate of evaporation

– Maintain good soil temperature

– Enrich the soil, especially green manure

– Prevent soil erosion

– Control weeds

– Enhances soil structure, nutrient-holding capacity, and drainage

Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is essential in defining the gardening space. Edging is done along with patios, sidewalks, and driveways. In addition, landscape edging prevents grass from invading your garden beds. Common edging materials involve wire fencing, plastic, aluminum, railroad ties, pavers, metal, landscape timbers, concrete, and brick. Landscape edging requires experienced landscapers in Visalia, CA.

Below are the benefits of landscape edging:

– Provides a barrier for lawn roots

– The border is kept neat and crisp

– Improves your Lawn’s aesthetic value

– Prevents weed growing

– Acts as a visual barrier

Shrub Pruning

Pruning is the process of removing diseased, dying, and dead plant parts. There are different types of pruning: reduction, raising, topping, and thinning.

Pruning is a time-consuming and daunting process, especially if you lack sufficient knowledge in this field. Therefore, you should consider hiring professional landscapers in Visalia, CA.

Below are the key reasons why shrub pruning is important:

Maintain shrubs

Pruning is a lawn maintenance practice that’ll improve the health of your lawn. Eliminating dead and diseased plant parts promotes the growth of the new and healthy lawn.

Preserves your lawn aesthetic value

Unattractive and overgrown shrubs reduce your lawn’s appearance. Pruning retains your shrub’s natural shape. In addition, pruning exposes your shrubs to sunlight, thus improving their growth.

Reduces the risk of spread of plant diseases

Pruning eliminates infected parts of the plant, thus minimizing the risk of the spread of diseases.

If you want your plants to be in the best health, your best bet would be to keeping up with shrub maintenance.

Garden Shrubs

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