Tree Service

Suppose your backyard has a tree on it, and you are trying to decide what to do. You are thinking, “Maybe a good landscaper or something a little more specialized like a tree service?” Well, you may have to answer the question below first before deciding what kind of service you actually need.

Do you have a dead tree you want to have removed, or are you just looking to have a healthy tree pruned down or trimmed?

If your answer is removing a dead tree, you will have to call an arborist, or some may call them tree surgeons. They specialize in felling trees and high tree cutting. Tree services like tree removal need certification and expertise to be effectively and safely rendered. On the other hand, if your answer is to have your tree pruned or trimmed, you may call a landscaper to help keep it looking neat and beautiful. In the case of the latter, we here at Visialia Landscaping Pros have you covered! Do keep in mind that we generally work with small trees that are 7 feet tall and under.

Tree Pruning

You may ask what exactly goes into the pruning process. Tree Pruning is focused primarily on the health of the tree. It involves removing unnecessary and dead branches, and sometimes roots that have become exposed and dangerous that need to be cut away as well. The pruning is done by using hand shears or lopping shears. As for thicker branches, a saw may be used.

Having your tree properly pruned is integral to tree structure. You wouldn’t want broken limbs and branches falling to the ground as a result of overgrowth. In addition, a tree that is pruned correctly will produce the optimal amount of flowers and fruit for your viewing and snacking pleasure.  Don’t be fooled however. To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to determine exactly which branch to cut for the best health of the tree. That’s where a landscaping pro with years of experience can come in handy. 


Tree Pruning Visalia CA

Tree Trimming

Now let’s take a step back and look at our hypothetical tree. Is it looking awkward or too big for its britches (i.e. – too large)? That’s where trimming comes into play. Tree trimming focuses on cutting off green shoots to help and encourage growth overall. It will also beautify the tree when it looks nicer compared to an unkempt appearance.

The main process involves thinning out branches that are overgrown. This leads to growth that obtains the best visual results. 

Stump Grinding

This process involves the use of a machine called the stump grinder. It is applied directly to the stump, destroying it, as well as the roots. It then proceeds to cut the wood into small reusable chips. The grinder has a rotating disc with sharp, durable teeth for grinding wood.

Stump grinding is necessary to discourage pests, free up usable space, and prevent the tree from growing back.

Why Choose Visalia Landscaping Pros?

We are here to give you the best results that will leave you with pride in not only in how your tree looks, but also one that will last you ages. Our professionals are equipped with the latest tools to tackle any problem that may come our way (trust us, we’ve seen quite a bit in our time in the industry). Similar to other work we provide such as our sprinkler repair service, we make a guarantee to provide the best experience possible. Send a call our way, and we’ll make sure your trees are in tip-top shape, the way they should be. 

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